About us

Zataari Refugee Camp in Jordan is made up of
100,000 human stories that break your heart.



Our aim


  • To buy and install machines that make sanitary towels and incontinence pads in Za’atari refugee camp
  • To supply 1 year’s worth of raw material, with a view to the business being self-sustaining after that 
  • To employ and teach a group of women to use the machines
  • To manufacture reusable nappies for those suffering from incontinence 
  • To reduce health problems, restore dignity and create social uplift


Loving Humanity is a non-profit organisation, which was created out of a desire to support the Syrian refugees.  We are particularly passionate about the health and wellbeing of girls and women.

Founded by Amy Peake in 2014, Loving Humanity aims to alleviate health problems associated with the lack of good quality and affordable sanitary pads. We aim to restore dignity and create social uplift by creating employment for groups of women refugees.

In the refugee camps in Jordan sanitary pads are ‘expensive’ given the meager amount the refugees have to survive on.  It is common for the women to use cloth rags, so that the little money they have can be spent on food and shelter. This can result in infections.

The initial inspiration for the project was a very clever machine made in India by Mr. Muruga.  His invention allows women to make cheap but good sanitary towels from a basic raw material.  Although our early research led us to Mr Muruga, further investigation uncovered similar machines better suited to our needs.  We will be buying machines from Swati Bedekar and Afzal Shaik, who are also based in India.

One machine can employ up to 5 women, giving them independence and a vital source of income.    As well as sanitary towels, they will also be able to produce incontinence pads to help cope with the bedwetting experienced by older, traumatised children. There are a further 1,000 vulnerable people in the camp who need incontinence pads; primarily the elderly, disabled and war-wounded.

This will be a pilot project that we then hope to replicate in other refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey and further afield.

Together we can make a difference to thousands of lives and show them that we care.

100% of your donations go directly to fund Loving Humanity’s projects.

Sanitary Towel Machine

We are importing a machine from India that enables women to manufacture and sell their own sanitary pads.