Current & Future Operations



In May 2019 we shipped our first period pad micro-factory to Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi.  It was financed by Lois Harris, an Australian lady who, when filming in Kenya, became aware of the global crisis of girls not attending school when they have their period.

Our micro-factory is operational, with sufficient raw materials to produce period pads for 18 months. We hope that, by then, through other local initiatives in Kibera, this micro-financed business will become self-sustaining.

750 girls from Kibera slum, Nairobi, receive free period pads – their first ever!

The Middle East


In December 2016 we opened our first factory in Zaatari refugee camp, 8km south of the Syrian border.  We employed 30 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugee women to make washable nappies with materials imported from Turkey and disposable period pads made with machines and raw material imported from India.

As a result of several operational and political challenges we re-located our factory in January 2019 to the compound of a church in Amman.  It is now flourishing, being run by a team of Iraqi women who fled from ISIS in Mosul. It produces washable nappies only which are distributed to refugees in the city through NGOs and churches.  It also supplies the Amman Mother Teresa home, which looks after 70 adults living with disabilities, and a supply centre supporting families who have children living with disabilities.

Our factory in action.

The Future

Besides our challenging goal of setting up 50 factories by the end of 2020, Loving Humanity has other exciting possibilities – which will need managing and funding – in truth our factories and products are needed wherever disadvantaged girls and women live and where incontinence goes untreated.

Two current examples are:-

Yazidi women

We have recently been approached by a large international agency with a view to supporting the work of Nadia Murad who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for bringing the world’s attention to the horrendous treatment of the Yazidi women in Northern Iraq by ISIS.  Loving Humanity is in the frame to provide sanitary pads and nappies.


By the end of 2020 we plan to have shipped our first container of commercially made pads from Sweden to the Yemen to support the women and girls enduring unimaginable hardship and trauma.

Our vision is that all vulnerable people suffering in war zones and slums are able to live with dignity by the provision of a nappy or period pad.  This is a huge but exciting challenge and we need your help.


The best way you can help us is to commit to a personal monthly donation of £5 or more, tell others about Loving Humanity  and to encourage your employer or company to sponsor a factory on behalf of its staff.